Selected Reviews Destination Astoria

Brian Ratty

Destination Astoria Reveiws

Destination Astoria Reveiws

A brilliant retelling of a long-lost piece of our nation’s past…Dutch embodies the pioneer spirit we all relish. Well researched and told in a narrative voice suitable for all ages. It would make great reading for high school history students or retirees. A really great book, by a local author from the Astoria area.
R. M. Waibel, Portland OR
Five Stars

In Destination Astoria, Brian D. Ratty brings alive the little-known, troubled period after the American Revolution, but just before the War of 1812… Ratty shows us the unusual mix of people one found west of the Appalachians in those days, from an Amish family to treacherous “river pirates” to frontiersmen. All in all, Brian D. Ratty is a master storyteller, and in his excellent book he makes the West of that long-ago era come alive.
Raanan Geberer for Readers’ Favorite
Five Stars

Brian D. Ratty pens an epic historical story in Destination Astoria… his story is a tale of great tragedy and triumph… The adventurous plot is full of frontier hardships endured by strong characters. Figuratively written, the narrative is full of vivid descriptions and sensory images, especially regarding the geography of the journey. I loved all of the different characters that crossed paths with the protagonist, thus revealing the varying settlers of early America…Ratty includes the differences of the Indian nations, the hardships of the frontier, the expansion of the fur trade and famous cross country expeditions of the 1800s. Brian D. Ratty’s love of history is held within each word of Destination Astoria.
Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite
5 Stars

This is an adventure book based on early 19th century researched events, travels and challenges. Our hero, Dutch, leaves Boston for the mouth of the Columbia to establish a fur trading post in the wilderness of Oregon. The experiences he faces, both dangers and hardships, on the journey make for exciting reading. Once Dutch arrives at the mouth of the Columbia hard work and adventure continues as he builds his future. Although the story is fiction, the book rings true and the author keeps the reader engaged throughout.
Buck, Milwaukee WI
Five Stars

Destination Astoria was very interesting…the book was well written and historically correct. I found no anachronisms in it. I rooted for the young hero and hoped he made it throughout the book. Readers of both historical fiction and adventure in the vein of Jack London's Call of the Wild will enjoy this book. It has much the same raw characters and beauty as London's book.
Reviewed By Stephanie Smith for Readers’ Favorite
4 Stars