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Brian Ratty

Tillamook Passage Reveiws

Tillamook Passage Reveiws

Tillamook Passage: Excellent! Well researched and educational as to historic content. Filled with intrigue as to storyline. Plot thickens with every page. Endless pursuit, daunting discovery and emotional in the end. Fast paced and riveting. I couldn't put it down. Brian Ratty is a master storyteller. You are taken in immediately and thirst for the outcome. Readers: don't miss this one!
Bob R. - Sun Lakes, Arizona
5 Stars

WOW!!! I just finished reading Tillamook Passage. I have never been one to sit down and read a book. Most of my past experiences have been readings relating to work or books that just lost my interest after a couple chapters. The last couple of days I've taken every free opportunity to be reading Tillamook Passage and have greatly enjoyed the book.

I love the way each chapter presents a brief overview of history. It has been so long since I've studied history and so that overview was very helpful. It allowed me to be more engaged with the story. And it has also renewed my interest in history of that era.

Your descriptive ability with characters and events throughout the book are amazing. I felt as if I were on the ship, in the canoe, making the arrowheads, and drinking the rum. Hey, I even got emotional for the last two chapters...... I had to remind myself to chill out.... its fiction---geeze. Brian, you are an extremely gifted writer!!! My admiration for putting together such a truly amazing book. For the first time in my life I'm actually looking forward to reading a book.
Allan S, Astoria OR
Five Stars

Tillamook Passage was a book you don't want to set down. The story was believable from an Oregon Native American's point of view. The historical facts were excellent and combined the background for the captivating story. I felt like I was in Boston, on the ship's passage and stranded back in time in Oregon. I love historical novels, the coast and fishing and hunting. The descriptions were real! I could hear and smell the ocean roaring, feel the spray, the sunshine and storms, the dirt and the moss. Great writing Brian!
Susan Freed Held
5 Stars

Mr. Ratty, sadly I have just read the last page of your wonderful book “Tillamook Passage.” We live in Barview (1 mile north of Garibaldi), on Hwy 101, overlooking Tillamook Bay and Pacific Ocean. Sadly I didn’t want the book to end. I admit I am a ravenous reader, but have never been compelled to write an author to tell them how much I have enjoyed their books. I do thank you heartily and would be delighted if you write another book on the history of our area. I’m sure I will also enjoy the “Dutch Clarke” duo as well.
Sincerely, Ann B. Rockaway Beach, OR
5 Stars

Typically I don't read many history/adventure type books but a friend recommended this one and I like to read about the Pacific Northwest so decided to read this. Really enjoyed the details about the tribes along Oregon/Washington coast, especially learning about types of transportation (sailing/canoeing). Also like the way Ratty blends the developing story about the characters with the historical details about their lives. This is one of those long books you wish did not end. Hoping for another book on what happens to the son next.
Anya L
5 Stars

"Tillamook Passage" is not only a book of nonstop adventure, it is a book with significant relevance to anyone who is interest in Northwest history and coastal Indian culture.
Daily Astorian Newspaper