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Brian Ratty

The Early Years Reveiws

The Early Years Reveiws

I definitely want to get this book as it is very appealing to the nature lover in me. A young boy out on the rough seas by Alaska, a young man entering the wilderness with just two pack mules, a horse named Blaze and a wild dog named Gus, make for an exciting if not harrowing adventure novel. This excerpt is lyrical and lush with its descriptions. I can hear the breeze blowing through the trees or see the sun shining on a still sea when one first wakes up. The story-telling has a rhythm to it, soft and persuasive, humbling and invigorating. The story makes you want to read more ... how did Dutch know he was going to return to Ketchikan. The way the author described the captain of the fishing boat ... describing him as a man who fit the land, I could see it. This is one of the best excerpts I have yet to read and one story that I will be on the look-out for.
Amazon Editorial Review

In this first book set in 1941, "The Early Years," a young Dutch Clarke finds himself spending a year alone struggling to survive in the rugged British Columbia backwoods, a situation thrust upon him by no doing of his own. It follows the wild and dangerous adventures that help him build character and shape him as a man.
Coast Weekend Magazine
by Gary Adams

I had a chance to read this book when it was still in manuscript form. It's an excellent fast moving adventure story for any person that likes high adventure. The book is any easy read with outstanding pen and ink Illustrations. But it's the story line that stands out the best, as all the characters seem real with interesting personalities and with stories within stories. The book is void of sex and violence and instead uses themes such as courage, determination and triumph. I can highly recommend "The Early Years" as it's a story of love, redemption and survival.
Tess McBride, Warrenton, OR.