Brian’s Pickled Salmon Recipe

Brian Ratty

Pickled Salmon

There are many recipes for Pickled Salmon, but I think this one is the best. The secret is in prepping your salmon as well as the pickling solution that will cure the fish.

If you like pickled herring or sushi you’ll love this recipe. While the fish and onions will taste a little sweet, the salmon flavor will remain strong.

Step One

Start with two pounds of salmon filets.

Place filets, skin side down, in large container with lid. Pour pickling salt or ice cream salt over the fish to cover.The salt will help cure the fish and draw out moisture. Cover and refrigerate overnight.


Step Two

After 24 hours, remove the salmon from the salt mixture and rinse.

With a sharp knife skin the fish. Place the skinned filets in fresh water.

Cover and refrigerate overnight.

skin fish

Step Three

24 hours later, remove the filets from the water and pat dry. Then cut the fish into bite-size chunks.

Set the fish aside.

Step Four

Mix a pickling solution of two parts apple cider vinegar to one part sugar.

For this recipe I used three cups of vinegar to one and a half cups sugar. Slowly dissolve the sugar completely in the vinegar.

Step Five

Carefully thin slice two large white onions.

Step Six

Layer in, about four or five layers, of the salmon, onions and a little pickling liquid into a large container.

Step Seven

Refrigerate to pickle for 72 hours. After that it will only get better with time!

Printable PDF file for Pickled Salmon recipe