Brian Ratty’s Tasty Macaroni Salad

Brian Ratty

Macaroni salads are as unique as the person making them. Some people use pickles, peas, bacon or what ever else they might find in the refrigerator. Of all the salads I make this is the one both family and friends request the most! This salad is both sweet and spicy!

Step One

Boil four cups of elbow macaroni until tender. I preferred small elbow macaroni to salad macaroni, but either kind will work. Next hard boil a dozen eggs.

Step Two

Drain and cool the macaroni. Add salt and pepper and mix. Sprinkle about quarter cup of vinegar over the macaroni, mix and let stand for half hour in the refrigerator. Vinegar is the secret ingredient of this salad.

Step Three

Dice up about five or six sweet pickles. Dice up one bunch of green onions.

Step Four

Drain and pat dry about one pound of pink bay shrimp.

Step Five

Dice up the hard boiled eggs. Add the pickles, onions, shrimp and eggs to the macaroni. Fold in half jar of Best Food’s Mayonnaise (If you don’t use Best Foods…don’t make this salad!)

Step Six

Add about quarter cup of the sweet pickle juice and thoroughly mix. Salt & pepper to taste. You should get 8-10 servings from this simple and tasty recipe.

Printable PDF file for Macaroni Salad recipe