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Brian Ratty

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Over the Next Horizon

Over the Next Horizon reflects the history of our times as witnessed by award winning author Brian Ratty. His tales include the discovery and culture of the Tillamook Indians, the tragic demise of sea Captain Robert Gray, and how the Mountain Men led the way for America’s manifest destiny. This retrospect includes personal essays about his conversation with a former president of the United States, his grandfather’s escape from the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, and how the little fishing village of Astoria Oregon helped win World War II.

His articles include narratives on fly fishing in New Zealand, wild horse round-ups and the dark secrets the government won’t tell us. And sprinkled throughout the pages are four fascinating new short stories with many hilarious tidbits of the author’s life growing up in a blue collar family.

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Soft Cover Size 7.5 x 0.4 x 9.2 inches

Book Length: Pages: Pages: 154

Book Chapters: 16

Subject type: Historical Fiction-Adventure-Retrospect

Sunset Lake Publishing

ISBN: 978-0692847459

eBook: ASIN: B0736GRYNY


Dutch Clarke Series

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