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Brian Ratty

The Early Years Trail of Discovery Dutch Clarke Series


The Early Years
Trail of Discovery

Second Edition • Release Date: August 2014

We all come into this world alone and go out the same way. Between coming and going is life. This is a story about life and how a yearlong adventure defines the future of a reluctant young man named Dutch Clarke.

Manipulated by the terms of his dead grandfather’s will, Dutch undertakes his ordeal in the rugged wilderness of British Columbia. Set against the opening days of World War II, this is a classic story of a young man’s personal struggle to come of age against all odds.

Dutch begins his trek accompanied by his horse Blaze, two mules and a half wild dog, Gus. As they pack into the remote Nascall Valley, he digs deep, learning courage, self-reliance and how to trust his animals’ instincts. On this unforgiving trail, Dutch faces many obstacles, some life-threatening, some inspiring, all a challenge to his character and spirit.

This poignant story is written in a powerful narrative style that draws the reader ever deeper, propelling them from one adventure to the next. It’s a story of redemption, love, birth and death, a heart-felt story that relates the events that shape its characters’ lives in an edge-of-your-seat survival saga. If you enjoyed Jack London’s classic ‘Call of the Wild,’ you’ll love ‘The Early Years.’


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Soft Cover Size 6" x 9"

Book Length: Pages: 302

Book Chapters: 10 - plus Epilogue

Subject type: Action – Adventure

Audience: Young Adults 12 and up

Sunset Lake Publishing

Soft Cover Price-6"X9"

ISBN: 978-0692254721

eBook: ASIN: B00NVN9842



Quarter Finalist - Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

Quarter Finalist
Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

Foreword Magazine Book of the Year


Selected Reviews

The story-telling has a rhythm to it, soft and persuasive, humbling and invigorating. The story makes you want to read more.
Amazon Editorial Review

Despite brutal weather, gnashing wolves and deadly bears, Dutch battles nature and his own growing loneliness...
Publishers Weekly

This reminds me a lot of High Country--quiet, rich, and lyrical in flavor…
Amazon Editorial Review

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