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Brian Ratty

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Why I Write:

I write what I like to read, historical fiction rich with bold characters and powerful storylines. I shy away from gratuitous violence and descriptive sex; instead my stories portray adventure with vivid descriptions and believable plots. My goal is to whisk my reader away to another time, another place and another frame of mind… the results being a suspenseful and brisk read.

Readers Wanted!

What I write:

Writing and photography are much the same discipline: with photography you strive to craft an image worth a 1000 words. In writing, you work at creating a story worth a 1000 pictures.

How I write:

It’s all about discipline… I write in the mornings, edit in the afternoon and worry about what I wrote while trying to fall asleep. Once a chapter is completed, it’s given to my wife for her comments, corrections and guidance.

When she is done, it's sent off to my story editor. When I get the completed chapter back, I read and approve, each and every correction made by my editor. Then it’s off to any experts that I might be using, i.e. weapons, horse, historical etc. When the manuscript is done, the last to give me input is one or two proof readers. It’s a long costly process… guess that’s why it takes me sometimes years to complete a project!

Why Historical Fiction:

Good historical faction enlightens and entertains. The characters within the story, real or imagined, are the glue that holds the storyline together and moves the plot forward. While the events (who, what, where, when and way) tie the story together and hopefully provide an exciting and memorable read.

This method of writing is not a genre, but a technique of storytelling that dates back to earliest forms of verbal and written communications. Without historical fiction there would be no Bible.’